Once you have studied in St Thomas School, it becomes a relationship for lifetime.

We are proud of our alumni across all the sectors ; from television, sports, service sectors to government and research.

St Thomas Alumni Association Ranchi aims to bring together all the ex-students and teachers and staff members to walk the memory lane and stumble upon forgotten memories that bring instant over-whelming nostalgia, few would want to miss.

St Thomas Alumni Association Ranchi also believes that it is the time to do our bit to nourish the school and society the way it did years ago.

To that effect, we seek your assistance in terms of moral and financial support to motivate and encourage talents in under-privileged schools to facilitate them proper education.

With the support of our alumni, we shall see our alumni association growing and serving its best to the society and its mother institution. So, please come forward and do your duty towards your alma mater with active participation and involvement.

Let’s relive the nostalgia and celebrate our achievements!